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Enduring Promises of the Heart by [Loveless, Valerie]


I am proud to announce that my sister Valerie Loveless has a book that is being released on January 8, 2019.  It is an “Adventurous Victorian Romance” novel called Enduring Promises of the Heart.  

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I have always loved children’s books.  There is something so fun and special about pairing words with pictures. People of all ages can enjoy children’s books.  Some are beautiful, some are educational, and some are incredibly hilarious.
Have you ever read What was I Scared of  by Dr. Seuss?

A few years ago, Liz Carbine asked me if she could illustrate a poem I had written called My Snow Friend.  She is a creative, talented artist with a fun sense of humor.  Later on, she asked me to write a Halloween poem for her to illustrate.  We now share two books.  I am happy to be a part of her book collection and part of her family!  Liz happens to be my sister. 


The books are only available on in ebook format.  Click below.


To learn more about Liz Carbine and read her other books visit  Liz Carbine Books.
I probably couldn’t choose a favorite but I recommend starting with Super Worm and Mommy Please?