If I Were a Shepherd

by Stephanie K. Adams

In 2016 I wrote If I Were a Shepherd for some neighborhood children to sing in church at Christmas time.  I never knew that it would be shared with or by so many people.    

People have been asking for a link to the sheet music and if the music is available to download.  I have included a link for both below. 

A special thank you to my 12 year old niece, Halle Loveless, for sharing her beautiful voice for the first time.

 If I Were a Shepherd
Download the YouTube version mp3 file > If I Were a Shepherd
Download the original version – piano only mp3 file >  If I Were a Shepherd

NEW FOR 2018

If you are visiting Sent Through Song for the first time, WELCOME.

Due to some questions I have received this year, I wanted to let everyone know that If I Were a Shepherd is intended to be a nondenominational song.  Making copies of the sheet music for non-commercial church or home use is permitted.  Any church.  Any home.  MERRY CHRISTMAS and love to all!

A few people have requested the sheet music for the “violin obligato” heard in the 2017 YouTube video If I Were a Shepherd.  The instrument heard in the video is a viola but the obligato can also be played on the violin.  I have prepared NEW SHEET MUSIC for both instruments.  I hope you enjoy it.  

I would like to thank Laurie Hite for generously giving a great deal of her time to look over the violin part and bring it to life for me. 

I would also like to thank Annie Nielson for inviting me into her beautiful home to play and go over the violin and viola parts with very short notice.  

To those of you that have listened to, loved, or shared this song with others, thank you!  Your kind words have inspired me.